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Patterns and Corporeality: Neolithic Visual Culture from the Republic of Macedonia

Goce Naumov
Publication Year:
163pp. Illustrated throughout with maps, plans, figures, drawings and photographs
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The numerous Neolithic finds from the territory of the Republic of Macedonia show an abundance of data which can be concentrated into different relations. They all approach certain ideas through which we attempt to learn about the character of Neolithic populations and their way of life. Within the context of the explored Neolithic settlements from the Republic of Macedonia, a large number of ceramic finds (decorated vessels, figurines, seals, models of houses and 'altars') are discussed in this study. The first chapter gives a brief introduction and acquaintance with the territory and its condition during the time of all Neolithic phases. Chapter two elaborates the white painted vessels originating from whole territory of the Republic of Macedonia. Chapters three and four deal with the painted compositions from the Middle Neolithic. In the chapter Imprints of the Neolithic Mind the ceramic stamps and the patterns which are usually engraved on them are presented. The second part of the book elaborates the concepts of corporeality present in the several ceramic figurative forms, including burials. Subsequent chapters are dedicated to the anthropomorphic vessels, placed in a wider context with those excavated in the Neolithic from south-eastern Europe, as well as later phases. The last chapter, 'Housing the Dead', completes the concept of burials in vessels, 'oven' forms, and ceramic 'houses'.