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COMING SOON: Delivering the Deep

Maritime archaeology for the 21st century: selected papers from IKUWA 7

Kristin Ilves, Veronica Walker Vadillo and Katerina Velentza
Publication Year:
344 pages
Sub-series name:
Cultural Studies in Maritime and Underwater Archae, 6
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This is an open access title available under the terms of a CC BY-NC-ND 4.0 License. It is free to read, download and share on the BAR Digital platform.

Delivering the Deep: Maritime archaeology for the 21st century, originated from work presented at IKUWA 7 conference in Helsinki, and offers a comprehensive look at state-of-the-art research being undertaken by maritime scholars. A curated series of essays reviews change in the discipline over the past 50 years and highlights current trends. The wide range of themes presented underscores the changing nature of maritime archaeology, which has expanded from an initial focus on underwater archaeology and nautical technology to become a dynamic, interdisciplinary field encompassing all tangible and intangible elements of culture related to human activities on, in and around aquatic environments. Themes connected to theoretical frameworks, especially those focusing on maritime cultural landscapes, have increased in popularity, a sign of growth in theoretical insights and maturing research. This paves the way for a more nuanced understanding of past societies, their behaviours, technologies, economies, beliefs, and interactions with watery environments.


Kristin Ilves is Professor in Maritime Archaeology at the University of Helsinki. She is interested in maritime cultural landscapes with a focus on the entanglement between climate, environment, and culture.

Veronica Walker Vadillo is a Postdoctoral Researcher in Maritime Archaeology at the University of Helsinki. Her research interests are human-environment interactions in maritime spaces, and shipping logistics in Southeast Asia.

Katerina Velentza is a maritime archaeologist, currently a postdoctoral Research Associate in Environmental Humanities at the University of Hull. She is currently working on the interrelationships between archaeology, heritage, climate change and sustainability.

List of contributors: Jonathan Adams, Sebastian Adlung, Jesús Alberto Aldana Mendoza, Eike, Falk Anderson, James Barry, Nicolas Bigourdan, Karl Brady, Alistair Byford-Bates, Anthony Corns, Thomas Cousins, Kieran Craven, Carlos Del Cairo Hurtado, Kalin Dimitrov, Gerard Dooley, Brendan Foley, Pavel Y. Georgiev, Maria Gurova, Martin Hansson, Sandra Henry, Kristin Ilves, Michael R. Jones, Nadezhda Karastoyanova , Ekaterina Kashina, Connie Kelleher, Evgeniy Kolpakov, Hendrik Lettany, Ville Mantere, Euan McNeill, Maria M. Michael, Fionnbarr Moore, Marina Maria Serena Nuovo, Rafail Papadopoulos, Edward Pollard, Julie Satchell, Ben Saunders, Martina Seifert, Robert Shaw, Tobias B. Skowronek, Stefania Tuccinardi, Hristina Vasileva, Katerina Velentza, Heidi E. Vink, Katariina Vuori, Veronica Walker Vadillo, Stephen Wickler


‘The quality of the data and the research methods is excellent; this is reflected in the range and scope of the chapters, but also by a number of contributions which provide overviews of sites, issues and a wide array of data. The resulting volume is far, far more than a conference proceeding, or a themed issue. It truly is a reflection of new and important aspects of the discipline, and from a variety of regions that are not “usually” included in overviews.’ James P. Delgado, Simon Fraser University