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Archaeotecture: Archaeology of Architecture

Xurxo M. Ayán Vila, Rebeca Blanco Rotea and Patricia Mañana Borrazás
Publication Year:
239pp. Illustrated throughout with maps, plans, drawings, photographs
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This volume has been produced by the European Association of Archaeologists (EAA) as a result of the contributions presented by different authors during the sessions held under the general heading of 'Architectural Archaeology' in Lisbon (Portugal) in 2000, and in Esslingen (Germany) in 2001. Archaeotecture: Archaeology of Architecture is a compilation of the majority of the papers presented during these sessions, organised according to their subjects or the chronological periods they cover. All nineteenpapers share a common factor: the study of constructions and architectonic spaces, analysed from an archaeological perspective. One of the aims of this volume was to gather together the different analyses that have been carried out into all types of architecture, regardless of their chronology or type. The studies gathered in this volume cover a chronological period that starts with Prehistory and continues to the present day, concentrating equally on the analysis of wooden archaeological structures and monumental architecture built in stone. Another of the objectives of these sessions was to demonstrate that investigation and management are two inseparable elements within the study of heritage constructions, as demonstrated by some of the studies included that discuss the application of Architectural Archaeology in Heritage Management. Although this volume is not a compendium of all of the theoretical and methodological approximations, perspectives and proposals in use today in Architectural Archaeology, it does offer a detailed description of the different types of projects that have been carried out in Europe in recent years.