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The Roundhouses, Brochs and Wheelhouses of Atlantic Scotland c. 700 BC - AD 500, Part 2, Volumes I and II

Architecture and material culture. Part 2. The Northern and Southern Mainland and the Western Islands

Euan W. MacKie
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1,124pp. Two volume set, illustrated throughout with figures, maps, plans, drawings and photographs. Indices of site names and Appendices
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This two-volume, second and final part of this descriptive corpus of the Iron Age brochs and allied sites of Scotland covers the whole of the mainland and all of the western islands - the Inner and Outer Hebrides - and is about twice the size of volume 1. The amount of new data presented here is very much larger than in volume 1 (Orkney and Shetland), partly because there are many more sites to describe but mainly for the reason that - with the exception of the Outer Hebrides - the large number and variety of sites in the areas covered tend to be much less well known than those of the Northern Isles; very few sites in this vast area have been subjected to modern excavation. The main purpose of this work is to present in easily accessible form a much larger proportion of the archaeological evidence for the remarkable Scottish Atlantic Iron Age structures known as brochs and wheelhouses than is currently conveniently available. Another hope is that this compendium will encourage many more archaeologists from outside Scotland to take an interest in the subject, and in particular to bring the material to the attention of their students. 

This volume is part of a two volume set: ISBN 9781407301334 (Volume I); ISBN 9781407301341 (Volume II); ISBN 9781407301327 (Set of both volumes).