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The Origins of Hilltop Enclosures

Late Bronze Age hilltop sites in Atlantic western Britain

Lorrae Campbell
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180 pages
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The Late Bronze Age in Britain (c. 1250-750 BC) was a period of major economic and social reorganisation: agricultural and settlement patterns, funerary and depositional practices all saw significant change. This book examines the evidence for the occupation and enclosure of hilltops in Atlantic western Britain during this formative period. Focussing on why communities started to come together at this time to construct these impressive monuments, this book provides information about how these communities were organising the landscape during a time when the first effects of climatic deterioration were beginning to be felt. Concentrating on Atlantic western Britain (encompassing Wales, the Marches, and south-west England), it is shown that, far from being a peripheral region, communities here were looking west to Ireland, developing hilltop sites right across the landscape, providing a safe and central location for communal gatherings and pastoral farming activities.

Lorrae Campbell completed an MA and PhD at University of Liverpool where she is currently an Honorary Research Fellow.

‘The volume is a useful addition to the field ... This will represent a useful reference point for those studying hillforts and the Bronze and Iron Ages.’ Professor Tom Moore, Durham University

‘This is a study that has gathered, interrogated and made sense of a very large body of data. It moves from macro (landscape) based analysis to micro (site) based analysis very effectively. Those interested in later British prehistory will find much here - rich datasets, which are very well-handled and interrogated within up-to-date frameworks.’ Dr Jodie Lewis, University of Bradford

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