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The Military Architecture of Jordan During the Middle Bronze Age

New evidence from Pella and Rukeis

P. Bruce McLaren
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157pp. Includes 4 tables, 72 figures, maps, plans, drawings and photographs, 6 Appendices of comparative pottery analyses
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This study analyses the military architecture of Middle Bronze Age (MBA) Jordan. Although military architecture is one of the defining features of urban development in the MBA Levant, the military architecture of Jordan has never been adequately assessed. The study aims to redress this imbalance and to consider the military architecture of MBA Jordan within the trends of urban and regional developments. The result will be a greater understanding of the relationship between Jordan and the Greater Levant during the MBA. The core data for the study was excavated at Pella and Rukeis under the supervision of the author and is complemented by data from other sites in Jordan. Chapter 1 maps out the background to the military architecture of MBA Jordan; the geography, chronological framework and historical background; the textual, iconographic and archaeological evidence. Chapters 2 and 3 explore Pella and Rukeis respectively. Chapter 4 makes a comparative study of walls, towers, gates, ramparts, and related features. Chapter 5 presents the authors conclusions and the five Appendices detail the comparative pottery analyses.