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The First Neolithic Sites in Central/South-East European Transect, Volume II

Early Neolithic (Starčevo-Criş) Sites on the Territory of Romania

Sabin Adrian Luca and Cosmin Suciu
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141pp. Illustrated throughout, 1 colour map, catalogue
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The modelling of the process of Neolithization - one of the basic tasks of the FEPRE project - requires the building of a complete data base, including radio carbon dates and inventory of FTN sites: both those excavated as well as those recorded in the course of surface surveys. In view of the fact that in the Neolithization of Europe the axis running from the Balkans to the Carpathians is of essential importance the editors have decided to compile the inventory of FTN sites along this axis and subdividedinto: I - Bulgaria, II - Romania, III - Eastern Hungary, IV - Eastern Slovakia, V - South-Eastern Poland. The result is a five-volume catalogue of FTN sites: Vol. I - Bulgaria - sites of the Monochrome and the Early Painted Pottery Phase (Karanovo I type); Vol. II - Romania (Transylvania and Banat) - sites of the Early Phase (with white-painted pottery); Vol. III - Eastern Hungary (Tisza basin) - sites of the Körös-Starèevo Cul ture; Vol. IV - Eastern Slovakia - sites of the Early Phase of the Eastern Linear Pottery Culture; Vol. V - South-Eastern Poland - LBK sites. The database and analysis of archaeological records provide the most up-to-date groundwork for the construction of the model on Neolithization of Central Europe within the frame work of the FEPRE project.