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Mujeres y Hombres en Espacios Domésticos

Trabajo y Vida Social en la Prehistoria de Mallorca (c. 700-500 cal ANE). El Edificio Alfa del Puig Morter de Son Ferragut (Sineu, Mallorca)

Pedro V. Castro-Martínez, Trinidad Escoriza-Mateu and Ma Encarna Sanahuja-Yll
Publication Year:
Spanish with 8-page English summary
516pp. Includes 335 figures, tables, maps, plans illustrations and drawings, 14 Appendices
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The 'Alpha' Building at Puig Morter in Son Ferragut (Sineu, Mallorca, Spain) is one of the few domestic spaces from Mallorcan prehistory to have been explored in detail. Analysis of material remains from this archaeological site, and from other contemporaneous contexts, have led to the definition of an historical moment named the Son Ferragut Horizon by the authors of this monograph, who examine the social relations that existed at the time. The relationships established within the domestic group are analysed in such a way as to enable the identification of the existence of two differentiated groups and leading to clues as to the division of various social practices engaged in by women and men. The work centres on four main themes: the exploration of the Son Ferragut Horizon in 8th-6th centuries BC Mallorca; The 'Alpha' Building and its context; the social activities and domestic character of the 'Alpha' Building; the reciprocity and exploitation of the domestic group.