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Metals in Antiquity

Suzanne M. M. Young, A. Mark Pollard, Paul Budd and Robert A. Ixer
Publication Year:
364pp. Includes numerous illustrations and photographs, 4 coloured plates.
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The book includes 43 papers which deal with various aspects of metals, metallurgy and metalworking in antiquity. Areas covered stretch from China, Americas to Europe. The general goal was to explore the distribution of metals in the natural environment, extractive metallurgy and fabrication processes, as well as social context, use and deposition of artefacts, and combine anthropology, archaeology and the earth sciences.

Contributors are: Donald B. Wagner, Vincent C. Pigott, Timothy Taylor, William O'Brien, Beatriz Comendador Rey, Alicia Perea, Roger C.P. Doonan, Sandra lakely Westover, Vasiliki Kassianidou, Bernard Knapp, H.N.Gale, Carole Gillis, George (Rip) Rapp Jr., Russel Rothe, Zhichun Jing, E. Pernicka, M. Abraham, D.P. Agrawal, Sharada Srinivasan, Robert M. Ehrenreich, G.R.Thomas, T.P.Young, Irene Schrufer-Kolb, Ineke Joosten, Henk Kars, Thilo H. Rehren, A. Gondonneasu & M.F. Guerra, John A. Atkinson, Effie Photos-Jones, Andrew Macfarlane, R. John Watling, Joan J. Taylor, Colin A. Shell, RobertJ. Chapman, Richard B. Warner, Mary Cahill, Robert C Leake, J.P.Northover, E. Baboula, Scaife, Paul Budd, B. Scaife, J.G. McDonnell, A.M. Pollard, A.P. Woodhead, Z.A. Stos-Gale, I.Segal, L. Halicz, R. Cohen, M.K. Prange & A. Hauptmann, H.-J. Gotze, G. Weisgerber, Christophe P. Ferrari, Claude Boutron, Sungmin Hong, Robert G. Schmidt, Cathy M. Ager, Juan Gil Montes, Rona R. McGill, Randolph Haggerty, Paul Lythgoe, A.J. Hall, A. Newlands, T. Pollard, T. K. Meikle, Janet Montgomery, Alan Cox, Petra Krause, Richard G. Thomas, R.P. Beukens, G.C. Wilson, L.A. Pavlish, R.M. Farquhar, Izumi Shimada, Adon Gordus, Jo Ann Griffin, John F. Merkel, C. Walker, R.G.V. Hancock, S. Aufreiter, M.A. Latta, C. Garrad, J.F. Moreau, D. Knight.