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COMING SOON: Making Spaces into Places

The North Aegean, the Balkans and Western Anatolia in the Neolithic

Nenad N. Tasic, Dushka Urem-Kotsou and Marcel Buric
Publication Year:
200 pages
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During three millennia of the Neolithic in southeastern Europe important changes in the social organisation, everyday practices and beliefs formed a diverse and rich cultural landscape expressed in settlement patterns, architecture and numerous aspects of material culture. A growing body of data uncovered over the last few decades shows striking variety in settlement organisation, from single-layered, short-lived sites to long-lived tell settlements located in different geographical settings. In addition, small sites (e.g. 0.5 ha) and extended settlements also appear in most sub-regions. The aim of the volume is to bring together and present new data on the Neolithic of southeastern Europe, emphasising the organisation and use of space within the regions of Northern Greece, the Balkan hinterland and north-western Turkey. To this end, the individual chapters focus either on the intra-site organisation of recently excavated settlements or provide an up-to-date synthesis on the regional level, combining old and new data.

Nenad N. Tasić is a professor of archaeology at Belgrade University, Serbia. His work and previous publications are dedicated to establishing chronologies, tracing origins, and study of the art of the Neolithic period of the Balkans. He has been the chief researcher at the site of Vinča since 1998.

Dushka Urem-Kotsou is an associate professor of Prehistoric Archaeology at Democritus University of Thrace, Greece. Her expertise ranges from pottery to environmental and food archaeology, architecture and settlements in prehistory of the Aegean and Southeastern Europe. She is currently the director of a research project on the Neolithic settlements in the Aegean Thrace.

Marcel Burić is an associate professor of Prehistoric Archaeology at the University of Zagreb, Croatia. His specific professional interests are social and technological developments in the Late Neolithic of Southeast Europe. He is the director of research of the Neolithic settlement at Bapska (Croatia).

List of contributors: Dragana Antonović, Krum Bacvarov, Olga Bajčev, Tamara Blagojević, Vera Bogosavljević Petrović, Ksenija Borojević, Areti Chondroyianni-Metoki, Vesna Dimitrijević, Dragana Filipović, Gazmend Elezi, John Gorczyk, Jelena Jovanović, Nemci Karul, Dimitris Kloukinas, Kostas Kotsakis, Stavros Kotsos, Marianna Lymperaki, Marić Miroslav, Goce Naumov, Djurdja Obradović, Eylem Özdoğan, Kristina Penezic, Slaviša Perić, Marko Porčić, Agathe Reingruber, Sofija Stefanović, Ivana Stojanović, Heiner Schwarzberg, Teresa Silva, Georgia Stratouli, Nenad N. Tasić, Boban Tripković, Dushka Urem-Kotsou, Jasna Vuković.

‘Making Spaces into Places is a strong statement on the quality and directions of Balkan prehistory today.’ Professor Nikos Efstratiou, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

‘The papers cover an important region, which was in touch with central Anatolia and Mesopotamia and forwarded the Neolithic way of life to other parts of Europe (central Europe and further west). The proceedings will be of great interest to all researchers who are dealing with Neolithisation and the Neolithic in general.’ Dr Peter Tóth, Masaryk University