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Late Ceramic Age Societies in the Eastern Caribbean

André Delpuech and Corinne L. Hofman
Publication Year:
English and French
349pp, Illustrated throughout with maps, figures, plans, photographs and drawings
Sub-series name:
Paris Monographs in American Archaeology
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This present volume discusses the period between, approximately, AD 600 and 1500. The geographic region concerned is limited to the eastern part of the Antilles, including Trinidad, the Lesser Antilles, the Virgin Islands and Puerto Rico and the adjacentcoastal area of South America. The emphasis is on the northern islands of the Lesser Antilles as research has progressed so much in especially this area during the past decade, while other regions such as the Windward Islands to the south have been less studied. The papers include: Espaces naturels et territories amérindiens dans la Caraïbe orientale (André Delpuech); Time and culture: chronology and taxonomy in the Eastern Caribbean and the Guianas (James B. Peterson et al.); Islands of chaos (William F. Keegan); Social dynamics and change in the Northern Lesser Antilles (Corrine L. Hoffman et al.); Political and social history of Eastern Puerto Rico: the Ceramic Age (L. Antonio Curet et al.); What happened after AD 600 in Puerto Rico? Corporate groups,population restructuring, and post-Saladoid social changes (Peter E. Siegel); Late Ceramic Age developments in the Virgins Archipelago: The Puerto Rican connection (Elizabeth Righter et al.); Distribution and exchange of lithic materials: three-pointers and axes from St. Martin (Sebastiaan Knippenberg); Inter-island exchange, settlement hierarchy, and a Taion-related chiefdom on the Anguilla Bank, Northern Lesser Antilles (John G. Crock et al.); Late Ceramic Age survey of the northeastern islands of the Guadeloupean Archipelago: Grande-Terre, La Désirade and Petite-Terre (Corinne L. Hofman et al.); At the onset of complexity: Late ceramic developments in St. Croix (Birgit Faber-Morse); En vue de l'étude de l'occupation post-Saladoïde de la Martinique (Nathalie Vidal et al.); Life in an insular environment: the case of Antigua (Reg Murphy); Post-Saladoid society on Barbados (Peter Drewett); The Arauquinoid tradition in the Guianas (Stéphen Rostain et al.); Koriabo and the polychrome tradition: the late-prehistoric era between the Orinoco and Amazon mouths (Arie Boomert); Linking prehistory and history in the Caribbean (Samuel M. Wilson).