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From the Ground Up: Beyond Gender Theory in Archaeology

Proceedings of the Fifth Gender and Archaeology Conference, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, October 1998

Nancy L. Wicker and Bettina Arnold
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154pp. Includes numerous illustrations and photographs.
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This book is based on a selection of papers presented at the Fifth Gender and Archaeology Conference held at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in October 1998. The central theme was the practical application of the theoretical introspection that hascharacterized much of the emphasis on gender in archaeological studies. Explored is engendered archaeology by presenting concrete examples of how gender theory can be applied in archaeological praxis. Papers include: MARY ANN EAVERLY: Color and Gender in Ancient Painting: A Pan-Mediterranean Approach; PAUL REHAK: The Aegean Landscape and the Body: A New Interpretation of the Thera Frescoes; SUSAN LANGDON: Figurines and Social Change: Visualizing Gender in Dark Age Greece; ELKA WEINSTEIN: Images of Womenin Ancient Chorrera Ceramics: Cultural Continuity across Two Millennia in the Tropical Forests of South America; JOEL W. PALKA: Classic Maya Elite Parentage and Social Structure with Insights on Ancient Gender Ideology; MONICA l. BELLAS: Women in the Mixtec Codices: Ceremonial and Ritual Roles of Lady 3 Flint; WILLIAM GRIFFIN: Gendered Graffiti from Madagascar to Michigan; GINA MARUCCI: Women's Ritual Sites in the Interior of British Columbia: An Archaeological Model; HELENA VICTOR: The House and the Woman: Re-reading Scandinavian Bronze Age Society; SUSANNE AXELSSON: 'Peopling' the Farm - Engendering Life at a Swedish Iron Age Farm; LILLIAN RAHTJE: Husbandry and Seal Hunting in Northern Coastal Sweden: The Amazon and the Hunter; ROBERT JARVENPA and HETTY JO BRUMBACH: The Gendered Nature of Living and Storage Space in the Canadian Subarctic; JILLIAN E. GALLE: Haute Couture: Cotton, Class and Culture Change in the American Southwest; HOLLY MARTELLE: Redefining Craft Specialization: Women's Labor and Pottery Production - An Iroquoian Example; MICHAEL J. KLEIN: Shell Midden Archaeology: Gender, Labor, and Stone Arfifacts.