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International Archaeological Reports since 1974

COMING SOON: Excavaciones de casas en la ciudad azteca de Yautepec, Morelos, México, Tomo I y Tomo II

Michael E. Smith
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629 pages, 2 volume set. Illustrated throughout in colour and black and white. Vol I 430 pgs, 412 figures (40 in colour), 127 cuadros. Vol II 199 pgs, 88 figures (9 in colour), 36 cuadros. With additional material online (appendix and tables).
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Este libro es un informe sobre las excavaciones en el sitio del período azteca de Yautepec, en el estado mexicano de Morelos. Las excavaciones se centraron en las estructuras domésticas, particularmente su arquitectura y los depósitos ricos de basuras asociados. La mayoría de los residentes vivían en pequeñas casas a nivel del suelo construidas con ladrillos de adobe, mientras que las élites vivían en complejos más grandes y elevados con una arquitectura más lujosa. Además de las descripciones de las excavaciones y una nueva cronología detallada, el volumen incluye descripciones detalladas de vasijas y objetos de cerámica, herramientas de obsidiana, herramientas de piedra de moler y otros materiales. También se informan los resultados de estudios químicos de cerámica, obsidiana y artefactos metálicos, así como estudios de restos óseos humanos de enterramientos. Este informe arroja luz sobre los patrones de desigualdad y clase social, el comercio a larga distancia y las respuestas a la conquista azteca, al nivel del hogar. Es uno de los informes más completos publicados hasta la fecha en las excavaciones de un sitio del período azteca.

This book is a report on excavations at the Aztec-period site of Yautepec, in the Mexican state of Morelos. Excavations focused on domestic structures, particularly their architecture and associated rich midden deposits. Most residents lived in small ground-level houses built of adobe bricks, while elites lived in larger, raised compounds with more luxurious architecture. In addition to descriptions of the excavations, and a new detailed chronology, the volume includes detailed descriptions of ceramic vessels and objects, obsidian tools, ground-stone tools, and other materials. The results of chemical sourcing of ceramics, obsidian, and metal artifacts is also reported, as well as studies of human skeletal remains from burials. This report sheds light on patterns of inequality and social class, long-distance trade, and responses to Aztec conquest, at the level of the household. It is one of the most complete reports yet published on excavations at an Aztec-period site.

El Dr Michael E. Smith ha dirigido excavaciones en numerosos sitios aztecas y actualmente es Director del Laboratorio de Investigación Teotihuacan de ASU en México. Ha publicado doce libros y más de 100 artículos sobre su investigación. También lleva a cabo investigaciones transdisciplinarias y comparativas sobre ciudades antiguas y el urbanismo.

Dr Michael E. Smith has directed excavations at numerous Aztec sites, and he is currently Director of the ASU Teotihuacan Research Laboratory in Mexico. He has published twelve books and more than 100 articles on his research. He also carries out transdisciplinary and comparative research on ancient cities and urbanism.

Autores/Contributors: Bradford W. Andrews, Adrian Burke, Ruth Fauman-Fichman, Michael D. Glascock, Timothy S. Hare, Dorothy Hosler, Katherine A. Miller, Leah D. Minc, Hector Neff, Susan Norris, Michael E. Smith, Jennifer Wharton and Richard G. Wilkinson

‘This work is exceptional in its detailed presentation of data that will be of considerable comparative value for Central Mexican Aztec studies. … [It] is impressive in its variety of methodological approaches and in the quality of the methodology.’ Prof. Richard Blanton, Purdue University, Indiana

‘Smith’s excavations of Aztec house remains provide valuable new information about Aztec urbanism, as well as being an important contribution to household archaeology. … The wealth of archaeological data, text descriptions, photographs, tables, and drawings … will make this volume a standard reference.’ Prof. Deborah L. Nichols, Dartmouth College, New Hampshire

‘The quality of the research is excellent. … The research questions are clearly defined and answered in the context of the discussion, making the monograph as easy to use as it is informative.’ Prof. Ken Hirth, Penn State University, Pennsylvania

‘The benefit [that this book offers] to comparative studies of other Aztec-period city-states is immeasurable. It also has tremendous value to studies of comparative imperialism, both within Late Postclassic Mesoamerica, and other imperial contexts.’ Dr Marcie L. Venter, Murray State University, Kentucky

Table of Contents (S2929_9781407316895_ToC.pdf, 186 Kb) [Download]

Prefacio and Introduction (S2929_9781407316895_Prefacio_Introduction.pdf, 1,911 Kb) [Download]