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Etudes sur la céramique romaine tardive d'Afrique

Michel Bonifay
Publication Year:
538pp. Includes 269 figures, maps, plans drawing photographs, 3 colour plates, 4 tables. Typological Index
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The suject of this work is the pottery (amphorae, vessels, lamps, small objects and architectural ceramic) of Roman Africa from the 2nd to the 7th century. It is based on a large assemblage from several settlements in south of France (Marseilles), in Tunisia (Nabeul, Hammamet/Pupput, Sidi Jdidi, Oudhna, Carthage, Thuburbo Majus, El Jem) and in the Eastern Mediterranean (Alexandria, Beirut). In the first part, the author examines different aspects of production (epigraphy, petrography, workshops, technology). The second part is devoted to the typology and the chronology of amphorae, red slip ware, cooking wares, coarse ware, handmade wares, lamps, figurines and moulds, tiles and vaulting tubes, with some new proposals for classification anddating. Economic patterns are discussed in the third part, including the processes of commercialisation (outside and inside Africa), the contents of amphorae and the historical interpretations of the large diffusion of African pottery. This book won the prize of Hippo 2004 the Academy of Sciences , Agriculture, Arts and Belles Lettres d'Aix / Cet ouvrage a obtenu le prix d'Hippone 2004 de l'Académie des Sciences, Agriculture, Arts et Belles Lettres d'Aix