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Equids and Wheeled Vehicles in the Ancient World

Essays in Memory of Mary A. Littauer

Peter Raulwing, Katheryn M. Linduff and Joost H. Crouwel
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232 pages, Illustrated throughout in colour and black and white. 261 figures (80 in colour), 19 tables.
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The essays in this volume were originally presented at a symposium in honour of Mary Aiken Littauer, la grande dame de l’hippologie ancienne. The papers consider subjects and material of interest to her, including the chariot, harnessing and equipment, horse breeds and the advent of horsemanship across ancient Europe, Africa and Asia. The collection of these essays allows for comparisons that have not previously been possible in a single book. The volume also introduces the reader to a broad range of approaches, grounded in disciplines ranging from philology, archaeology, archaeozoology and art history to DNA research and experimental archaeology. Summarising past research as well as presenting much new information, the essays will be of interest to specialists and laypersons alike. The breadth and diversity of topics and areas represented honours the formative role that Mary Littauer has played in the research of the contributors.

Peter Raulwing studied Historical Comparative Linguistics, Indo-Iranian Languages and Near Eastern Archaeology. He has since become an authority in the area of horses and chariots in the Ancient Near East and Egypt and the history of modern scholarship on these topics.

Katheryn M. Linduff, UCIS Professor Emerita in the Departments of Art History and Anthropology at the University of Pittsburgh, has engaged in fieldwork focusing on the prehistory, Bronze Age and Iron Age of the Inner Asian Frontier of China, Eastern Russia and Mongolia. She has written about the use and symbolism of horses, about metallurgy, gender construction, the socio-political use of artifacts and issues of social complexity.

Joost H. Crouwel, Emeritus Professor of Aegean Archaeology at the University of Amsterdam, is an expert on wheeled transport in antiquity. He has written extensively, often in collaboration with the late Mary Littauer, on chariots and other vehicles, harness and riding in the Near East, Egypt, Greece and Italy. He has directed a long-term field project at Geraki in Laconia (Greece) and is an authority on Mycenaean pictorial pottery.

Reuven Amitai, Gail Brownrigg, Stefan Burmeister, Joost H. Crouwel, Denise Doxey, Ronnie Ellenblum, Michael Haahr Friis, Lia Hadas, Gila Kahlila Bar-Gal, Trudy S. Kawami, Pita Kelekna, Theo J. H. Krispijn, Katheryn M. Linduff, Kaare Lund Rasmussen, Michael C.A. Macdonald, Joachim Marzahn, Hadas Motro, Peter Raulwing, Amit Reem, Kurt Villads Jensen, Xiuqin Zhou.

‘This volume offers an exceptional wealth of insight into equine history in the ancient world. The broad range of topics, periods and regions demonstrates at once both the larger picture and smaller details from various different angles.’ Helene Benkert, ICAZ Newsletter, Vol 21:1

‘Well written, nicely illustrated and covers a diversity of topics and geographical areas - always something of interest!’ Dr A.J. Veldmeijer, PalArch Foundation, Netherlands

‘This work is valuable to anyone interested in equids in the ancient world. … The focussed studies, such as the one on the bit, are extremely useful. The pieces on Littauer herself are also valuable, as little has been published about this remarkable woman, who has basically given birth to a sub-discipline in archaeology and archaeozoology.’ Dr Salima Ikram, American University in Cairo

‘The originality of this work lies primarily in the range of topics covered, and therein lie its value and usefulness. There is something for everyone in this collection. … [It] introduces the reader to a wide range of methodological approaches, from traditional philological and archaeological approaches to DNA research and experimental archaeology.’ Dr Carolyn Willekes, Independent researcher

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