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Egipto y el Egeo a comienzos de la XVIII Dinastía

Una visión de sus relaciones, antecedentes e influencia iconográfica

Inmaculada Vivas Sainz
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246pp. Includes 15 colour illustrations
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This study is focused on the relations between Egypt and the Aegean during the early XVIIIth Dynasty, a period of close contact between these two regions. The discovery of Minoan wall paintings decorating a palace complex at Tell el Dab'a (Avaris) was the starting point for this research which reviews the evidence concerning the relations between Egyptians and Minoans especially during the beginning of the New Kingdom, but sometimes also looking at the evidence from previous periods. This contact brought together a mutual influence on artistic and cultural matters, which has its best evidence on the Minoan wall paintings decorating a Thutmoside palace complex in Egypt.

‘This book is highly recommended because it brings together different classes of archaeological and historical evidence for the contact between Egypt and the Aegean during the 18th Dynasty in one place…It is a useful volume for both Egyptologists and scholars of the Late Bronze Age Aegean, as it brings together two disciplines and two cultures into one comprehensive investigation. This was last attempted by Eric H. Cline, more than two decades ago, and the contribution by Vivas Sainz is a most welcome and most useful summary and discussion based on the current state of research.’ Uroš Matić, Journal of Ancient Egyptian Interconnections, Volume 14, June 2017