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Early Human Impact on Megamolluscs

Andrzej Antczak and Roberto Cipriani
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258pp. Illustrated throughout with maps, plans, figures, drawings and photographs
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Papers from an international workshop the Early Human Impact on Megamolluscs (EHIM), held on the Isla de Margarita, in Venezuela, between September 26th and 28th, 2005. Contents: 1) Early Human Impact on Megamolluscs: How Much Do We Know? (Andrzej Antczak and Roberto Cipriani); 2) Trends and Strategies in Shellfish Gathering on the Pacific Northwest Coast of North America (Aubrey Cannon, Meghan Burchell, and Rhonda Bathurst); 3) Human Exploitation of the Quahog Mercenaria mercenaria in Eastern North-America: Historical Patterns and Controls (Harold B. Rollins, Robert S. Prezant, and Ronald B. Toll); 4) Shellfish Use in Pre-Columbian Panama (Diana Rocio Carvajal Contreras); 5) A History of Human Impact on the Queen Conch (Strombus gigas) in Venezuela (Andrzej Antczak, Juan M. Posada, Diego Schapira, Ma. Magdalena Antczak, Roberto Cipriani, and Irene Amarilis Montaño); 6) A Recipe for a Sambaqui: Considerations on Brazilian Shell Mound Composition and Building (Levy Figuti); 7) Exploitation of loco, Concholepas concholepas (Gastropoda: Muricidae), during the Holocene of Norte Semiárido, Chile (Pedro Báez R. and Donald Jackson S.); 8) Qualitative Effects of Pre-Hispanic Harvesting on Queen Conch: The Tale of a Structured Matrix Model (Roberto Cipriani and Andrzej Antczak); 9) Molluscan Archives from European Prehistory (Geoff Bailey and Nicky Milner); 10) Shell Middens (“Køkkenmøddinger”): The Danish Evidence (Søren H. Andersen); 11) Marine Molluscs in Danish Stone Age Middens; A Case Study on Krabbesholm II (Nina Nielsen); 12) Limpet Sizes in Stone Age Archaeological Contexts at the Cape, South Africa: Changing Environment or Human Impact? (John Parkington); 13) From Prehistoric to Present: Giant Clam (Tridacnidae) Use in Papua New Guinea (Jeff Kinch); 14) Palaeobiomass Estimation and Collecting Pressure on Molluscs in Japan (Hiroko Koike); 15) Mediterranean, Red Sea and Nilotic Shell Artifacts in the Levant: Indicators of Trade Routes in the Bronze Age (Daniella E. Bar-Yosef Mayer); 16) Archaeomalacological Research in India with Special Reference to Early Historic Exploitation of the Sacred Conch Shell (Turbinella pyrum) in Western Deccan (Arati Deshpande-Mukherjee); 17. Shell Symbolism in Pre-Columbian North America (Cheryl Claassen); 18) Between Food and Symbol: The Role of Marine Molluscs in the Late Pre-Hispanic North-Central Venezuela (Ma. Magdalena Antczak and Andrzej Antczak); 19) The Study of Ancient Human-Mollusc Interactions as an Interdisciplinary Challenge (Roberto Cipriani, Andrzej Antczak and Ma. Magdalena Antczak).