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Comunidades Neolíticas del Noreste de la Península Ibérica

Una aproximación socio-económica a partir del estudio de la función de los útiles líticos

Juan Francisco Gibaja Bao
Publication Year:
Spanish with summaries in English and French
320pp. Includes 67 figures, maps, plans, photographs drawings, 161 tables, 30 page bibliography
ISBN 10:
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This volume presents the results of a statistical approach applied to assemblages of grave goods (and a use-wear analysis of the stone artefacts) found in the Neolithic settlements of Ca n'Isach (Girona, Spain), the storage pits of Bòbila Madurell (Barcelona, Spain), and the burial-fields of Sant Pau del Camp (Barcelona, Spain), Camí de Can Grau (Barcelona, Spain) and Bòbila Madurell. The main aim of the research was to attempt to understand some aspects of the socio-economic organization of the ancient people buried in these necropolises. The author set himself the task of not only describing the archaeological material and presenting some economic and chronological hypotheses, but also attempted to define some aspects of the social structure of these human groups. The selection of sites, especially the burial-grounds, was carefully made and determined by a number of factors (burials dated to the Early and Middle Neolithic period in the Northeast region of the Iberian Peninsula (5th-4th Millennium cal BC); the majority of the burials were single ones; and the state of preservation of the anthropological, grave goods and stone remains was good or excellent. Altogether, 117 graves were analysed. In Spanish with summaries in English and French.