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Classicism to Neo-classicism

Essays dedicated to Gertrud Seidmann

Martin Henig and Dimitris Plantzos
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242pp. Includes numerous photographs and drawings.
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This volume, dedicated to Gertrud Seidmann, includes a collection of papers extending through the world of collecting and antiquarian study, covering diverse parts of the ancient world and drawing on science as well as the fine arts. Twenty papers include:MARTIN HENIG and DIMITRIS PLANTZOS: Gertrud Seidmann, a scholar and a friend; BRIAN SPARKES: The Parthenon and Athenian Vase-painting: Marianne Maaskant Kleibrink: Leda on Ancient Gems; Michael Vickers: The Changing Image of Alexander the Great; Dimitris Plantzos: The Price of Sacrilege: Diomedes, the Palladion and Roman Taste; Martin Henig and Robert Wilkins: One Hundred and Fifty Years of Wroxeter Gems; Erika Zwierlein-Diehl: Tellus and the Seasons: Gem Copies of a Roman Medallion Type; Donald M. Bailey: AChalcedony Barbarian; Catherine Johns: The Wiveliscombe Roman Cameo; Adrian Marsden: Imperial Portrait Gems, Medallions and Mounted Coins:Changes in Imperial donativa in the 3rd century AD; R.S.O. Tomlin: Silver Ring, 11: an Inventory from Roman London; Tyler Jo Smith: From Komos to Afikoman, Symposion to Seder: two Anglo-Jewish Passover Plates in Oxford; Sheila E. Hoey Middleton: Eastern Gems and Classical Prototypes; John Cherry: Antiquity Misunderstood; Arthur MacGregor: The Afterlife of Childeric's Ring; Anna Beatriz Chadour-Sampson: The Rosary - Veneration and Production: The Dreyfus-Best Collection; J.J.L. Whiteley: Philipp von Stosch, Bernard Picart and the Gemmae Antiquae Caelatae; Gabriella Tassinari: An Intaglio by Giovanni Beltrami and some considerations on the connection between plaquettes and gems in the late 18th - early 19th century; Jeffrey Spier: Conyers Middleton's Gems; John Boardman: The Lewes House Gems: Warren and Beazley; Gertrud Seidmann: a bibliography