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Céramique et occupation égyptienne en Canaan au 13ᵉ siècle av. J.C.

Études de cas de Hazor, Megiddo et Lachish

Katia Charbit Nataf
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French with English summary
233pp. Includes illustrations. With additional material online (figures).
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This work addresses the question of the Egyptian Hegemony during the 13th century BCE: its nature and its cultural processes, and the analysis of the Egyptian-style pottery in three Canaanite City-States is used to provide the proofs of the Egyptian presence there. The author has chosen the archaeological sites of Hazor, Megiddo and Lachish for a case study. Situated in three different regions of Southern Canaan, these three cities are known to be powerful and rich during the 13th century BCE. The Egyptian pottery of these sites has been identified and classified in a typology with numerous parallels to the Egyptian contemporaneous sites. A fabric analysis has been made from description of a fresh break section taken from each sample studied and, in a few cases completed by a petrographic analysis. All the data are gathered in an electronic database and can be consulted for further studies about this corpus. From the interpretation of the corpus, the author presents a spatial analysis of the Egyptian-Style pottery for each identified building in each site in order to shed light on an Egyptian presence at these cities and to qualify this presence.