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Africa, Egypt and the Danubian Provinces of the Roman Empire

Military and religious interactions (2nd -3rd centuries AD)

Ștefana Cristea, Călin Timoc and Eric C. De Sena
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English, with chapters in French
108 pages
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This volume is the product of a symposium ‘Africa and the Danubian Provinces of the Roman Empire’ (July 29-30, 2018) which took place in Timișoara and was organized by the National Museum of Banat, the Center for Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Studies (Babeș-Bolyai University) Cluj-Napoca, and the West University Timișoara. One of the keynote speakers was the director of the Center for Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Studies, Prof. Dr Alexandru Diaconescu. Unfortunately, he passed away much too soon during the volume editing process, and this volume is dedicated to his memory. The chapters present case studies on the Egyptian and African military and civilian presence in the Danubian provinces, the Egyptian and African influences found in the material culture, religion and magic around the Danube, as well as the presence of the inhabitants of the Danubian provinces in the North African region of the Roman Empire and Egypt. The scholars whose articles are included in this volume have examined literary, historical, epigraphic, archaeological and art historical evidence in order to discuss the cross-pollination of culture and organization within these two regions of the Roman Empire. This book will a useful tool for historians and archaeologists, who are interested in the Roman Empire, the Roman Dacia and other Danubian provinces, and the interactions at the military and religious level with the African and Egyptian space.

Ștefana Cristea is a senior archaeologist at the National Museum of Banat Timișoara and member of the Center for Middle Eastern and Mediterranean Studies (Babeș-Bolyai University) Cluj-Napoca. Her main research interests are the religions of the Roman Empire and magic, the deities of Egyptian origin, and civic religion during the third century AD.

Călin Timoc is a senior archaeologist at the National Museum of Banat Timișoara. Previously he served as associate professor of Roman Archaeology at West University Timișoara. He has directed and participated in many archaeological excavations in Romania, and his main research interest is military life in Roman Dacia.

Eric Charles De Sena is a professor of Roman archaeology, with research and teaching experience in USA, Italy, Romania and Bulgaria. Since 2004, he has conducted projects related to the Roman provinces in south-eastern Europe, including co-direction of the Porolissum Forum Project and a study of the imperial palace in Serdica.

List of contributors: Vessela Atanassova, Laurent Bricault, Ștefana Cristea, Dan Deac, Jasmin Hangartner, Florian Matei-Popescu, Lucrețiu Mihăilescu-Bîrliba, Ioan Piso, Ligia Ruscu, Csaba Szabó, Călin Timoc.

‘I believe that the book will be a great contribution to our understanding of the interrelation of even far distant provinces in the Imperial period of the Roman Empire.’ Peer reviewer

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