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13th International Council of Archaeozoology Conference, 2018

Archaeological, biological and historical approaches in archaeozoological research

Evangelia Pişkin
Publication Year:
172 pages
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This volume collects 10 papers presented at the 13th ICAZ International conference comprising of research from wide-ranging geographical and chronological contexts. A variety of topics are discussed including Neanderthal behavioural patterns, animal economy and exploitation, and biodiversity and extinction or expansion of a range of species. There are also chapters presenting osteometric information on particular species (dogs and otariids). The papers presented employ an array of methods, integrating textual, historical and iconographic data to tackle complex archaeological questions, thus showcasing the capacious nature of zooarchaeological studies. The volume is illustrated with photographs that demonstrate human modifications on bones and pathologies, as well as examples of species separation. The volume also contains a good body of osteometric data, making it a useful resource for researchers and students working on these topics.

Evangelia Pişkin holds a PhD from University of Leicester, UK. She is currently Associate Professor at Middle East Technical University, Turkey, where she also directs the Environmental Archaeology Research Unit. Her latest research on zooarchaeology concentrates on integration of data from various sources, transhumance and centralised animal economies.

List of contributors: Gauri Bedekar, Ruth Blasco, Florencia Borella, Olivia Alexandre Carvalho, Marcin Czarnowicz, Gamze Durdu, Marta Korczyńska, G. Lorena L’Heureux, Lembi Lõugas, Marta Modolo, Magdalena Moskal-del Hoyo, Marek Nowak, Agnieszska Ochał-Czarnowicz, Evangelia Pişkin, Sylwia Pospuła-Wędzicha, Ornella Prato, Albérico Nogueira de Queiroz, Anja Ragolič, Jordi Rosell, Rosa Cristina Corrêa Luz de Souza, Özgen Sütçü, Ursula Thun Hohenstein, Teresa Tomek, Borut Toškan, Matteo Turrini, Krzysztof Wertz, Jarosław Wilczyński, Piotr Wojtal.

‘This is a valuable contribution that brings together a group of leading scholars from around the world.’ Dr Krish Seetah, Stanford University

Introduction (S3028_Piskin_9781407357843_-_introduction.pdf, 321 Kb) [Download]

Table of Contents (S3028_Piskin_9781407357843_-_ToC.pdf, 345 Kb) [Download]