Bar: S2488
ISBN: 9781407311029
Authors: Robert E. L. Chadwick. With a contribution by Angel García Cook
Year: 2013

Olmeca-Xicallanca, ‘People from the Land of Rubber, People from the Land of Canoes’ – the Nahuatl name of these ethnic groups invokes the hot, alluvial... More

Bar: 630
ISBN: 9781407315683
Authors: Jill Bourne
Year: 2017

In this significant study, Jill Bourne presents the corpus of all 70 surviving Kingston place-names, from Devon to Northumberland, and investigates... More

Bar: 614
ISBN: 9781407313757
Authors: Jillian Hawkins
Year: 2015

*Funta place-names, epitomize the complex network of linguistic and historical intersections in post-Roman Britain. It was a Latin term originally, but... More

Bar: 589
ISBN: 9781407312095
Authors: Ann Cole
Year: 2013

This study uses place-names to suggest the major routes in use in early medieval England. Many Roman roads existing by the fifth century are known. Some... More

Bar: 450
ISBN: 9781407301624
Authors: Kristján Ahronson
Year: 2007

Sculpted stones and carvings in caves and rock faces testify to an unexplored facet of early Christianity across a zone stretching from the Scottish coasts... More

Bar: 379
ISBN: 9781841716657
Authors: Iwan Wmffre
Year: 2004

In this work, the author assembles information that will satisfy linguists, historians and geographers alike. The corpus of Cardiganshire place-names... More