Historical and Industrial Archaeology

Bar: S2835
ISBN: 9781407315515
Authors: Wenli Zhou
Year: 2016

This book presents the analyses, technical interpretation and socio-economic contextualisation of the production remains of zinc distillation from... More

Bar: S2813
ISBN: 9781407314808
Authors: Francesco Collura with contributors by Sergio Cascella, Emiliano Arena and Benedetto Carroccio
Year: 2016

Nonostante il suo nome non ricorra frequentemente nelle fonti letterarie antiche, la città greco-romana di Kalè Akté - Calacte, nel sito dell’odierna Caronia... More

SOMA 2011
Bar: S2695
ISBN: 9781407313443
Editors: Pietro Maria Militello and Hakan Öniz
Year: 2015

This volume presents the proceedings of the 15th Symposium on Mediterranean Archaeology, held at the University of Catania 3–5 March 2011. The book follows... More

Bar: S2664
ISBN: 9781407313061
Authors: María Marschoff
Year: 2014

This book attempts to historize the construction of the dichotomy between “public” and “private” in Spanish colonial territories during the late 18th – early... More

Bar: S2663
ISBN: 9781407313054
Editors: Mike T. Carson
Year: 2014

The Ritidian Site is located in the United States island territory of Guam, the largest and southernmost of the Mariana Islands in the western Pacific Ocean.... More

Bar: S2640
ISBN: 9781407312774
Authors: Roberto Sconfienza
Year: 2014

This volume is dedicated to the study of the field-fortifications on the Finestre and Fattières hills located in Piedmont on the Italian Occidental Alps;... More

Bar: S2638
ISBN: 9781407312750
Authors: Jesús Carrobles Santos and Jorge Morín de Pablos
Year: 2014

The need to protect the physical and cultural environment in which we operate is the logical consequence of the dramatic transformations witnessed in recent... More

SOMA 2012
Bar: S2581
ISBN: 9781407312064
Editors: Luca Bombardieri, Anacleto D’Agostino, Guido Guarducci, Valentina Orsi and Stefano Valentini
Year: 2013

This book presents the proceedings of the 16th Symposium on Mediterranean Archaeology that took place in Florence, Italy, 1–3 March 2012. More

Bar: S2420
ISBN: 9781407310190
Authors: Catharina van Waarden
Year: 2012

The Kalanga state Butua, which had dominated the Zimbabwe plateau (south central Africa) for four centuries, collapsed in the 1830s due to repeated difaqane... More

Bar: S2075
ISBN: 9781407306360
Authors: Daniel Rhodes
Year: 2010

By conducting a study of archaeology and the built environment within an East African context, this monograph aims to actively promote the conservation of... More

Bar: S1988
ISBN: 9781407305226
Editors: Juan García Targa
Year: 2009

This book includes papers from the Historical Archaeology Symposium held in Seville, Spain in 2006. More

Bar: S1822
ISBN: 9781407303086
Authors: Garry J. Shaw
Year: 2008

This study highlights and debates the evidence for the king’s personal authority and power within three major spheres of influence: 1) the appointment of... More