The Insular System of the Early Byzantine Mediterranean

Archaeology and history

Demetrios Michaelides, Philippe Pergola, Enrico Zanini
Limina/Limites: Archs., hists., isl. Med. 365-1556


The backbone of seafaring mobility of humans and goods during the historical longue durée of the Mediterranean basin was formed by islands, both large and small. The present volume – resulting from an international workshop held in Cyprus in 2007 – focuses on the multifaceted character of the Mediterranean insular system during Early Byzantine times, ca. 400-700. Through a wide range of regional syntheses and case studies, as well as a multi-discAlinary approach, the volume seeks to explore a complex phenomenon from several different points of view: the Mediterranean longue durée, local developments and evolution, the true nature of insularity and the notion of connectivity.