Bar: S2790
ISBN: 9.78141E+12
Authors: Thallein Antun
Year: 2016

This book examines the development of the mosque from the hijra (A.H.1/A.D.622) to the fall of the Umayyad dynasty (A.H.133/A.D.750). The aims of the book... More

Bar: S2436
ISBN: 9781407310350
Editors: Margaret S. Graves
Year: 2012

Bar: S2248
ISBN: 9781407308159
Editors: Claudine Dauphin and Basema Hamarneh
Year: 2011

Bar: S2164
ISBN: 9781407307084
Editors: Philip Allsworth-Jones
Year: 2010

This book contains papers read at the conference “West African archaeology, New developments, New perspectives”, co-sponsored by the Nigerian Field Society... More

Bar: S1820
ISBN: 9781407303062
Authors: E. Emine Naza-Dönmez
Year: 2008

A unique study of 26 rare wooden mosques from Samsun, in the Central Black Sea Region, and as much a travel account of the author’s personal ambition to... More

BABAO 2004
Bar: S1623
ISBN: 9781407300351
Editors: Kate A. Robson Brown and Alice M. Roberts
Year: 2007

This volume presents 10 papers from the 6th Annual Conference of the British Association for Biological Anthropology and Osteoarchaeology, held at the... More

Bar: S1576
ISBN: 9781841717906
Editors: David Davison, Vince Gaffney and Emilio Marin
Year: 2006

15 papers on research (1970-2001) into Roman Dalamtia in honour of J. J. Wilkes. More

Bar: S1495
ISBN: 9781841719269
Authors: Michaël Jasmin
Year: 2006

This work centres on one central question: should the passage from the Late Bronze II to the Iron I Age in Palestine, from the 13th to the 11th centuries... More

Bar: S1445
ISBN: 9781841718811
Authors: Iosif Moravetz
Year: 2005

St Vincent’s (Lesser Antilles, Caribbean) archaeological record is rich in images depicted by a variety of fired clay artefacts. Prominent among them are... More

Bar: S1391
ISBN: 9781841718293
Editors: Camilla Briault, Jack Green, Anthi Kaldelis and Anna Stellatou
Year: 2005

32 papers from the Symposium on Mediterranean Archaeology held at the Institute of Archaeology, London in 2003. More

Bar: S1295
ISBN: 9781841716459
Editors: Donna Kurtz
Year: 2004

This volume is the third in the Beazley Archive (Ashmolean Museum, Oxford) series of “Studies in Classical Archaeology”. It is based on a group of lectures... More

Bar: S1291
ISBN: 9781841716411
Authors: Eleftherios Sigalos
Year: 2004

In this work the author examines the Medieval and Post-Medieval Greek house as a container of material culture, and of functional and social activity, within... More