Bar: S2841
ISBN: 9781407315041
Authors: Sara Pizzimenti
Year: 2017

[Italian with an abstract in English] Il II millennio a.C. in Mesopotamia è caratterizzato da un incremento delle raffigurazioni astrali, le quali... More

Bar: S2794
ISBN: 9781407314419
Editors: Michael A. Rappenglück, Barbara Rappenglück, Nicholas Campion, Fabio Silva
Year: 2016

Throughout the course of history, from early prehistory to the Space Age, power structures have existed which have been more or less derived from or... More

Bar: S2720
ISBN: 9781407313733
Editors: F. Pimenta, N. Ribeiro, F. Silva, N. Campion, A Joaquinito and L. Tirapicos
Year: 2015

Since Prehistory, the sky has always been integrated as part of the cosmovision of human societies. The sky played a fundamental role not only in the... More

Bar: S2661
ISBN: 9781407313030
Authors: Elena Mazzetto
Year: 2014

This book analyzes the places of worship used during the eighteen feasts of the Nahua solar calendar, called “veintenas”, and the ceremonial paths of the... More

Bar: S2239
ISBN: 9781407308036
Authors: Gerardo Aldana y Villalobos
Year: 2011

Epigraphers of the Mayan hieroglyphic writing system have demonstrated that a single verb root lies behind a substantial array of royal rituals. At the same... More

Bar: S2237
ISBN: 9781407307992
Authors: Harriet Nash
Year: 2011

The study presents fast disappearing information on the ethnography of agricultural communities in northern Oman and especially on the use of stars. It aims... More

Bar: S1298
ISBN: 9781841716480
Editors: Guillermo Luis Mengoni Goñalons
Year: 2004

Among other important considerations, South America offers scientists an outstanding biodiversity, an excellent preservation in some particular areas and... More

Bar: S1179
ISBN: 9781841715469
Editors: Chen Shen and Susan G. Keates
Year: 2003

This volume is derived from a symposium entitled “Theory and Practice in Chinese Pleistocene Archaeology” at the 65th annual meeting of the Society for... More