Solutrean Points of the Iberian Peninsula

Tool making and using behaviour of hunter-gatherers during the Last Glacial Maximum

Isabell Schmidt


Five basic Solutrean point types from the Iberian Peninsula are analysed at local, regional and Pan-Iberian scales in this book. The author reports new results concerning production process and object biography in relation to raw material procurement, technological strategies during production and use-life, site type and regional features. Significant regional differences between Northern and Southern Iberia are demonstrated, which go far beyond typological observations. Evidence indicates thatdifferent settlement and mobility patterns are responsible for these regional adaptations of technological innovations. The author successfully links point techno-morphology to human land use. The book is a major resource for the study of Solutrean points, as well as for studies on projectile points in general. In addition, it serves as a guideline for how to approach the study of land use of palaeolithic hunter-gatherers on the base of lithic technology.