Lodge Hill Camp, Caerleon and the Hillforts of Gwent

Joshua Pollard, Ray Howell, Adrian Chadwick and Anne Leaver with contributions by Michael Hamilton, PhilA Macdonald, Lesley McFadyen, Elaine Morris, Rick Peterson, Neil PhillAs, Ruth Young, Tim Young and Daryl Williams


This volume describes work on the Iron Age hillfort of Lodge Hill Camp, in Gwent, south-east Wales. Situated adjacent to the later Roman legionary fortress at Caerleon, the hillfort has, until recently, received little archaeological attention.Excavation was undertaken during the summer of 2000 within the interior of the hillfort, at its western entrance, and across the inner bank and ditch of the defences.An extended discussion is offered of Lodge Hill’s position within the regional Iron Age sequence, and of Roman and early Medieval reuse of hillforts in south Wales.The results of geophysical and earthwork survey at the hillfort of Llanmelin, near Chepstow, are also reported on.