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Evolution de l'économie alimentaire et des pratiques d'élevage de l'Antiquité au haut Moyen Age en Gaule du nord

Une étude régionale sur la zone limoneuse de la Moyenne Belgique et du sud des Pays-Bas

Fabienne Pigière


This research looks at the processes that led to the profound transformation of the Roman world between the 3rd and 7th century AD. By concentrating on archaeozoology this study provides information on socio-economic evolution during Antiquity and the Merovingian period in Northern Gaul. In particular, the economic aspects related to the production, distribution, and consumption of animal resources are studied. This archaeozoological study is based on a corpus of 106,486 faunal remains. Using an interdiscAlinary approach, the geographical framework of the region investigated, the climatic conditions over time, and the changing regional landscape are all assessed.