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Current Research in Chinese Pleistocene Archaeology

Chen Shen and Susan G. Keates


This volume is derived from a symposium entitled “Theory and Practice in Chinese Pleistocene Archaeology” at the 65th annual meeting of the Society for American Archaeology 2000, in Philadelphia, PA. The 12 papers include: Current Research in Chinese Pleistocene Archaeology: an Introduction; Davidson Black and his role in Chinese Papaeoanthropology; Retrospect of 50 Years of Palaeolithic Archaeology in China; Biostratigraphy, Taphonomy, Palaeoenvironment and Hominid Diet in the Middle and Late Pleistocene of China; New Palaeolithic Discoveries in the Middle Yangzi River Region, Southern Cina; New Evidence of Hominid Behaviour from Xiaochangliang, Northern China: Site Formation and Lithic Technology; Taphonomy of an Early Pleistocene Archaeofauna from Xiaochangliang, Nihewan Basin, North China; Faunal Approaches to Site Formation Processes at Panxian Dadong; Electron Spin Resonance (ESR) Dating of Mammalian Tooth Enamel at Panxian Dadong Cave, Guizhou, China; ESR Dating of Early Pleistocene Archaeological Sites in China; The Jinniushan Hominid in Anatomical, Chronological, and Cultural Context; Remarks on Chinese Pleistocene Archaeology.