COMING SOON: The Final Bronze Age settlement of Casalmoro (Mantua, Italy)

Finds and chronology

Laura Pau
Publication Year:
131 pages
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Casalmoro lies on the Chiese river in the province of Mantua, in the northern Po Plain in Italy. It is the biggest settlement area known for Final Bronze Age Italy. The rise of Casalmoro is connected to the fall of the Terramare system, as it represented one of the new occupations north of the Po founded after the collapse of 1200 BC. Casalmoro was part of the new settlement patterns spreading on the territory between eastern Lombardy and Veneto. This work concerns the material culture and chronology of this huge settlement area. A typological analysis and a chronological definition are described in the first chapters; a framing of Casalmoro in the context of eastern Lombardy and Veneto, and in relation to the contact with some areas of the Italian Peninsula at the beginning of the Italian Final Bronze Age are then proposed. Casalmoro is also important for comprehending the processes leading to the birth of the proto-urban centres at the dawn of the Iron Age.

Laura Pau is a Prehistoric Archaeologist. She graduated at ‘La Sapienza’ University in Rome in and earned a PHD at the University of Padua. She has been involved in research and excavations in Italy, particularly in the northern regions and in Sardinia. She collaborates with Italian Institutions and National Museums. Her main interests focus on European and Italian Bronze Age.

‘The work offers a very good contribution in advancing our knowledge in the field of Italian and European Protohistory. A good reassessment of the chronology of the beginning of Final Bronze Age in northern Italy is proposed, that will have important consequences also in other Italian regions. Moreover, the results of this research offer important insights for studying the formation of the early proto-urban centres in northern Italy.’ Dr Marco Bettelli, Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche