Settlement, Burial and Industry in Roman Godmanchester

Excavations in the extra-mural area: The Parks 1998, London Road 1997–8, and other investigations

Alex Jones
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240pp, Includes 57 tables, 50 plates drawings plans, photographs, 15-page bibliography, 3 Appendices
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Birmingham University Field Archaeology Unit Monograph Series


This volume presents the results from two excavations in the extra-mural area of Roman Godmanchester. Excavation at the Parks, to the north of the Roman town, was undertaken during 1998 in advance of a housing development, providing an opportunity to examine a large area flanking a Roman road. Important evidence for early Romano-British land-division and pottery production, mainly in the 2nd to 3rd centuries, was recorded. The most significant discovery was of a cemetery, probably dating to the 4th century, containing 62 largely well-preserved individuals. Excavation at London Road, to the south of Roman Godmanchester, was undertaken in two stages during 1997 and 1998, in advance of a school development, and investigated an area to the rear of the ErmineStreet frontage. In addition to evidence of early-prehistoric activity, the excavation identified a sequence of Romano-British ditch-defined enclosures, a timber-framed building, and evidence for industrial activity and livestock herding or ranching. Theresults of other, smaller-scale investigations, at Chord Business Park, to the south of the Roman town, and at West Street, within the Roman town, are also summarised.