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World Islands in Prehistory

International Insular Investigations. V Deia International Conference of Prehistory

W. H. Waldren and J. A. Ensenyat


These 50 papers form the fifth in the series of thematic Deia (Majorca) International conferences of Prehistory, dedicated to bringing Balearic Prehistoric investigation and research out of insular and regional contexts and into the mainstream of Continental European prehistory. The thematic nature of these volumes has ranged from early settlement in this sector of the western Mediterranean (1st Deia Conference) to questions regarding the definition and understanding of the Bell Beaker Culture in the Western Mediterranean (2nd Deia-Oxford Conference), to the question and problems of archaeological techniques, technology, and theory in prehistory (3rd Deia Conference) and the subject of ritual, rites and religion in prehistory (4th Deia Conference). This volume represents the 5th Deia Conference, with its theme of status and state of world islands in prehistory. Although primarily concerned with the prehistoric Mediterranean as a whole, the 50 papers include references to wider contexts, Fiji, Easter Island, and Denmark.