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Vici in Roman Gaul

Monica Rorison


The subject of this work is the ‘vici’ settlements of Gaul, or more precisely of the Three Gauls; Aquitania, Lugdunensis, and Belgica; ten areas in all are covered, taking in the north-west, south-west, central, and eastern Gaul. The time span covered isapproximately from the conquest culminating in the victory of Caesar at Alesia in 52 BC, to the loss of Roman control at the beginning of the fifth century. The initial objectives are to catalogue the ‘vici’ and provide an overview of the origins and development, structural complexity and character, and the functions of these settlements. The ‘vici’ made a special contribution to the life of Roman Gaul, through their workshop industry, their involvement in trade and transport, their cult centres, and theculture of their inhabitants. Contains maps, site plans and extensive gazetteer.