Variabilité et signification des productions lithiques au Paléolithique moyen ancien

L’exemple de trois gisements de plein-air du Bergeracois (Dordogne, France)

Michel Brenet


This work addresses the question of inter- and intra-site variability and its behavioral significance through a techno-economic analysis of lithic industries and an experimental procedure. For nine lithic assemblages from three sites in South-West of France, Cantalouette 1, Combre Brune 2 and Combe Brune 3, each of the production methods was analyzed based on a quantitative evaluation of all the operational phases present from the procurement of lithic raw materials to the use of the products. The role of experimentation in this procedure is to create specific reference bases that can be compared with the lithic assemblages in order to obtain a better estimation of their techno-economic representation.