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A late Early Pleistocene (Epivillafranchian) fossil site near Meiningen (Thuringia, Germany) and its position in the development of the European mammal fauna

Ralf-Dietrich Kahlke


The fossil site of Untermassfeld, near the town of Meiningen in Southern Thuringia, was discovered in 1978 and has been the subject of 25 field seasons. The digs have produced a stunning array of fossil vertebrate remains in stratigraphic context, making this unquestionably one of the most important Quaternary localities in Europe. In this volume the author provides the first full synthesis of the work, bringing the results up to date, and placing them in a broad context. With some 14,000 determinable vertebrate fossils, the Untermassfeld assemblage represents the most complete assemblage of the time span 1.2-0.9 Ma BP in the Western Palaearctic.