Unconformist Archaeology

Papers in honour of Paolo Biagi

Elisabetta Starnini


This honorary volume offered to Paolo Biagi for his 65th birthday brings together papers by his friends, former students and colleagues, who have shared with him research experiences on different geographical regions and topics. Paolo Biagi, one of the outstanding Italian prehistorians, was elected in 2009 as Honorary Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries of London in recognition of his original work in the field, studying the environmental contexts and lithic technologies of a wide range of human cultures, from Europe to the Indian sub-continent. The twelve papers in this volume cover the fields of Paolo Biagi’s scientific activity, extending from the prehistory from northern Italy, the Adriatic and the Aegean, to the Indus Valley. The topics covered include the Mesolithic-Neolithic transition, the Neolithization of the Mediterranean Basin, and archaeometric approaches to prehistoric archaeology. Other contributions are look at matters philosophical and theoretical, and offer an original view of the human past.