Tradiciones cerámicas del Epiclásico en el Bajío y regiones aledañas

Cronología e interacción

Chloé Pomédio, Grégory Pereira and Eugenia Fernandez-Villanueva
Paris Monographs in American Archaeology


The Bajío (West-Central Mexico) has been considered by various authors to be a key region for understanding the processes of interaction and migration among Central, West, and Northern Mesoamerica. Since the late 1990s, our knowledge of the prehispanic societies of the Bajío has benefitted from the development of several new archaeological projects carried out by various Mexican and French institutions. The princAal contribution of this research has been an emphasis on extensive excavations, which were previously quite limited in the region. The numerous stratified contexts studied have revealed new data that permit a better definition of ceramic complexes in the Bajío during the Epiclassic, the period of the zone’s greatest demographic growth. This volume offers a new overview of the ceramic traditions of this region and their links with those of the neighbouring areas.