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To the West of Spanish Cantabria

The Palaeolithic Settlement of Galicia

A. de Lombera Hermida and R. Fábregas Valcarce


This volume is a synthesis of the results obtained by the researchers in the oriental region of Galicia from the paleontological, zooarchaeological, geomorphological and archaeological point of view. Its aim is to show the great potentiality of the Quaternary research of the NW Iberian in an area poorly known by the scholars but which may provide essential information to the understanding of the Palaeolithic: the eastern mountains of Galicia and the hinterland Tertiary depressions. Their geographical situation, as a crossroads among the Meseta and the Atlantic and Cantabrian regions; their geological features, karstic systems and evidences of glacial landscape; as well as the quality of their archaeo-palaeontological records, turn them into an exceptional area for the study of the Quaternary.