The West Bank Survey from Faras to Gemai

1 Sites of Early Nubian, Middle Nubian and Pharaonic Age

Hans-Åke Nordström
Sudan Archaeological Research Society


This volume is the last to be printed in a series describing in detail the results of the so-called West Bank Survey, an archaeological survey in the northernmost part of Sudanese Nubia, undertaken on the West Bank between the villages of Faras in the north and Gemai in the south during the period 1960-64. This project was carried out in anticAation of the flooding of the Aswan High Dam. The whole series has been divided into three volumes, no. 2 including sites from the Meroitic and Ballana periods (BAR S1335: Adams 2004), no. 3 including sites of the Christian age (BAR S1421: Adams 2005), while the present volume, no. 1, consists of detailed descrAtions of sites and finds of the Early Nubian, Middle Nubian and Pharaonic New Kingdom periods.