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The Seigneurial Residence in Western Europe AD c 800–1600

Gwyn Meirion-Jones, Edward Impey and Michael Jones


In this volume’s 18 chapters, divers authors utilizing a variety of techniques explore elements of seigneurial domestic buildings (AD c.800-1600) on both sides of the English Channel. Among the contributors are scholars from as far afield as Germany, south-west France, Ireland, Scotland and the Channel Islands. They have provided a collection of papers which provides considerable insight into recent studies on the seigneurial domestic buildings of north-western Europe. Locations covered specifically include Norwich Castle, Boothby Pagnell, the Imperial Hall at Frankfurt am Main, Muenzenberg, and the turris famosa of Ivry-la-Bataille. Notwithstanding differences of emphasis and the considerable range of techniques demonstrated, this work may be divided into two main categories: thematic and regional studies; and monographs. The approach, broadly, of the authors has been to combine archaeology with a proper use of documentary sources. In a limited number of cases it has been posible also to make use of dendrochronology, thereby adding precision to the altogether more subjective stylistic dating so beloved by the art historian.