The Roman Settlement Patterns in the Western Façade of the Conventus Bracarensis

Helena Paula Abreu de Carvalho


The main aim of this study was to analyse the Roman settlement patterns of the western part of the Conventus Bracarensis, located within a vast province of the Iberian Peninsula: the Hispania Citerior or Tarraconensis. In order to fully understand the Roman settlement patterns of the area under study, it was necessary to verify the political and administrative procedures carried out at the Tarraconensis province together with their direct impact upon the landscape, alongside the varied occupation techniques implemented after the conquest, assessing the different patterns impacting upon the indigenous space. The nature of the available data was analysed through G.I.S. and four operative concepts: entities, relationshAs between entities, scales and limits to those relationshAs. Using these elements, the interpretation and descrAtion of the studied centres aimed to shed some light on the basic evolutionary features of settlement patterns. Through their complex interactions, the analysed areas provided the minimum conditions with which to achieve the proposed objectives.