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The Roman Empire and Beyond: Archaeological and Historical Research on the Romans and Native Cultures in Central Europe

Eric C. De Sena and Halina Dobrzanska


In 2006 and 2007, the editors of this volume organized sessions at the annual meetings of the European Association of Archaeologists (Cracow, Poland and Zadar, Croatia) entitled “The Roman Empire and Beyond” in response to the increasing amount of archaeological work being conducted in Central and Eastern Europe, areas where the Roman Empire met Barbaricum. The sessions concerned three general themes: the development of Rome’s older Central/Eastern provinces, Roman-Native interactions within the Empire and along Rome’s frontier zone, and Native-Roman interactions in Barbaricum. This book is based upon the two EAA sessions, whilst additional papers were solicited from several scholars who had not attended the EAA meetings, but whose work was deemed highlyrelevant for this volume.