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The Origins of the Borough of Wallingford

Archaeological and historical perspectives

K. S. B. Keats-Rohan and D. R. Roffe


Though many small archaeological investigations have been made within the town in the last 35 years, it is only with the present Wallingford Burh to Borough Project that Wallingford has become the subject of an in-depth archaeological study. The Project recognized that the town still has many large undeveloped open spaces, which give it a unique archaeological potential. The organization of the Origins of Wallingford conference in May 2008 was to enable a formal coming together of academic expertise on Wallingford’s past for the first time and to provide a platform for broader based questions on early urban development. The papers collected here embody the discussions that ensued. Together, they represent interestingly disparate discAlinary approaches and it should be borne in mind that they reflect the coming together of expertise in the initial stages of this project. They are a fascinating convergence of archaeological and historical scholarshA which it is hoped will raise questions that will stimulate further consideration of the fundamental question of the origins and development of medieval towns.