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The Mycenaean Cemetery at Pylona on Rhodes

Efi Karantzali with contributions by P.J.P. McGeorge, M. Ponting, H. Mangou, and D. de Wild


In the spring of 1993, two Mycenaean (14th-12th centuries BC) chamber tombs were discovered by accident at Pylona, not far from Lindos on the southern coast of Rhodes. Excavations uncovered a cemetery site of six tombs and a series of remarkable finds: human remains, pottery, bronze objects, and jewellery. The excavation reports are published here with a complete catalogue of finds, including the extensive and especially fine pottery discoveries. Chapter six is a detailed illustrated study by P.J.P. McGeorge of the skeletal remains from the tombs, presented as a catalogue of finds and a concluding summary on the general health, living conditions, and customs of the community. The work also includes a further three specialist appendices: an ICP-AES analysis of some of the Pylona vessels (M.J. Ponting and the author); a review of the textile remains (D. de Wild); and chemical analyses of glass beads and the copper sword find (H. Mangou).