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The Middle and Later Stone Ages in the Mukogodo Hills of Central Kenya

A comparative analysis of lithic artefacts from Shurmai (GnJm1) and Kakwa Lelash (GnJm2) rockshelters

G-Young Gang
Cambridge Monographs in African Archaeology


This monograph (in the series Cambridge Monographs in African Archaeology) compares lithic materials excavated from Shumai and Kakwa Lelash, two deeply stratified dry rockshelters located in the Mukogodo Hills of the LaikAia and Isiolo districts of Central-North Kenya. The analysis forms a key part of the reconstruction of the sequence of human occupation in the region back to the Middle Stone Age (c. 200,000 BP). Lithic components from these two sites are analyzed and compared in terms of their raw material, techno-morphological attributes, function, and styles.