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The Lewes House Collection of Ancient Gems [now at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston] by J.D. Beazley, Student of Christ Church, 1920

John Boardman
Beazley Archive - Studies in Classical Archaeology


J.D. Beazley’s The Lewes House Collection of Ancient Gems (1920) was the first publication of engraved gems in what might be called the modern manner; indeed in many respects it remains a model few have even approached since and it is of an academic quality which is hard to match today. It is re-published here, with Beazley’s descrAtions and commentary, with updated references, and with enlarged photographs of impressions to demonstrate their quality. The two main categories of gems are (very broadly) cameos and intaglios of Greek, Cretan, Phoenician, Roman and Etruscan provenance. The additional material includes Mary B. Comstock’s compilation of lists of additional references, and Cornelius C. Vermeule has added an appreciation of the collector.