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The Kintampo Complex

The Late Holocene on the Gambaga Escarpment, Northern Ghana

Joanna Casey
Cambridge Monographs in African Archaeology


The Kintampo Complex is the first settled, sub-Sahelian complex in West Africa, and central to our understanding of West African prehistory. Kintampo appeared in Ghana around 4000 years ago, just after the onset of the last arid phase in the Sahara. Thisvolume is based on research undertaken on the Gambaga Escarpment in Northern Ghana and expands knowledge in three ways: it provides the first descrAtion of the area; it places the northern manifestation of Kintampo within the context of what is known about the Kintampo complex; it explores the question of a framing base for Kintampo subsistence and embeds it in the current discussions on the origins of agriculture.