A Late Paleolithic Industry from Dhofar, southern Oman

Yamandú Hieronymus Hilbert
British Foundation for the Study of Arabia Monogr.


The author has undertaken a technological and typological analysis of lithic assemblages from southern Oman dating between 10,000 to 7,000 years before present (BP). These assemblages are characterized by the production of blades (leptoliths) using varied core reduction modalities exemplified throughout the book. These blade technologies are accompanied by formal tools such as tanged projectiles, burins, endscrapers and pseude-backed knifes. The chronological and techno-typological characterization of these blade assemblages warrants its individual status as a lithic industry of the Late Palaeolithic in its own right. The name ‘Khashabian’ is given by the author to this industry, which has little resemblance to those found outside of Arabia, enforcing the local origin of the Early Holocene Populations of the South Arabian Highlands.